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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose hand-made when I can buy a gown?

A thelimegate wedding dress is totally unique, a reflection of your style and personality. It won't need altering as it is made to your exact measurements so it will be the perfect fit, whatever your shape and size.

How long will it take from start to picking up my final dress? How much notice do you need?

A bespoke wedding dress takes many hours of work and before the initial appointment I will know if there is any space in my diary, but at the absolute minimum in which I can make the dress of your dreams is 16 weeks. Most customers book well in advance and the whole process normal takes between 6-8 months!!!

Do you make veils and/or accessories?

Yes! I can create a veil, or headpiece to match your dress, as well as pretty much any other handmade accessory you can dream up.

I offer this service to all of my brides, and if possible I can also make a bespoke headpiece or other small accessory for your bridesmaids, or other members of your wedding party.

Do you do alterations?

My bespoke dresses are made specifically to your measurements, and our finalised design, so no alterations are required! Your dress is not finished until it fits you perfectly.

How and when do I pay you?

There may be an design appointment charge but this is included in the total cost and is not an extra. A 30% deposit (which I'm afraid is non-returnable) secures your order. The fabric and all the haberdashery is then ordered. Work usually begins about four or five months before the wedding. This can be delayed if, like many brides-to-be, you wish to lose weight. A 30% payment is due at the final toile fitting. You will then be measured and the fittings begin. The balance is due approximately 2-4 weeks before the wedding and you can collect the dress after the payment has cleared.

I love long trains but aren't they a nuisance during the reception?

Trains can be designed to be removable, have a wrist strap, or "bustled up" at the back for your evening of enjoyment.  This is something we would definitely discuss at our design appointment.

I've seen a few styles I like. Is it possible to mix and match various parts e.g. add sleeves, make the skirt out of tulle instead of satin?

Absolutely! This is how I make the vast majority of the dresses I design. Remember, your dress is made for you and only you!

I have no idea what I want and I don't like trying dresses on in shops with pushy assistants. How are you different?

Your first appointment and subsequent fittings are all done in my studio which is small and private. I listen, a lot, and never push you into choosing something you're not totally in love with and you can call me if there's anything you want to ask.

Is there a fee for my initial appointment?

No. Our initial appointment is always free. With no obligation to hire me, I will invite you to my studio where we will have a chance to get to know each other, you will get to see where your dress will be created, as well as inspect dresses that I have made in the past, if available. We'll ask and answer all of each other's initial questions and will hopefully make a perfect bride/dressmaker match.

Your work looks vintage. Why?

We are not used to seeing well-made, well-designed clothes in modern day fashion. I make clothes in a similar way to a designer's atelier and as clothes were made 'way back when'; when there was still innovation in cut and construction, back when quality was the norm, instead of the ready-to-wear industry of today. These days, garment production has often been streamlined into whatever is easiest and cheapest to produce from a computer pattern and a sewing factory. Bespoke sewing is a very traditional form of art, and I hope to bring the original timeless (or 'vintage') beauty back to the modern day for you to experience.

How much is my bespoke dress or outfit going to cost?

FABRIC + DESIGN + EMBELLISHMENTS + ACCESSORIES + COMPLEXITY + TIME = the cost of your gorgeously bespoke dress!

Do you use green/eco-friendly practices?

thelimegate bespoke dresses are 100% locally made in-house. No factory, no sweat-shop, no shipping, no sizes, no stock. Each bride works one-on-one with the person who threads the needle and makes every stitch.

What if I lose weight before the wedding?

Many brides to be do, but don't worry. Your final fitting will probably be two of three weeks before the wedding. There is no extra charge for simple alterations, only for major alterations or additions. e.g. a shrug, wrap, customised bridal bag etc.


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